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Chicago Booth Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Second-Year Student / Zoom

I benefitted a lot from reading reports myself, so figured I’d pay it forward!

Overall, my interview was very friendly and engaging. I was super pleased with how it went – although obviously that’s just from my side of the table and the interview is really just one component of the application. Interview was resume-based and with a second-year MBA student.

After some quick small talk and an introduction by my interviewer, here’s how the questions generally flowed:
– Please tell me a bit more about your current role (I work in university commercialization, so not a common field – it was kind of nice to get this rather than “walk me through your resume”).
– Describe a time you had to motivate a team.
– Talk about an experience where you had to manage differing opinions in a group setting.
– What are three words that you think others would use to describe you?
– Tell me about an experience that caused you to change your perspective.
–> After my response, the interviewer seemed to go off script here, building off my answer and starting a fun conversation about my favorite technology I’ve worked with at the university.
– What would be an ideal MBA experience for you and how would you hope to make an impact at Booth?

There are probably a couple questions I’m missing in here, but this was the general gist of it. We jumped into behavioral questions pretty quickly, but I still felt I was given the space to explain my background/goals for an MBA experience at Booth. My advice would be to avoid rehearsing answers to typical questions (tell me about your background, why MBA) and rather just really have your personal story and goals solidified, as the questions I got were a bit more nuanced.

Hopefully this is somewhat helpful, and best of luck to everyone in their interview process!

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