Preview of Becoming a Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions

Becoming a Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions

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Fourth Edition – 2021. Password-protected PDF (66 pages)

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Alex Brown—with his nearly 24 years of experience in the MBA admissions industry as an admissions officer, consultant, and teacher—knows how to get into the world’s top business schools.

After seven years as senior associate director of admissions at the Wharton School and another nine as an admissions consultant with Clear Admit, Brown has now written a book to serve as a concise, insightful guide for any applicant targeting top business school programs.

Becoming a Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions is a must-read for “non-traditional” and traditional candidates alike. For starters, it provides fascinating background, an in-depth overview of the MBA admissions process, and valuable context for other resources in the space.

After bringing readers up to speed on the “whys” of the admissions process, it quickly breaks down the all-important “how-tos” applicants need to know: How to identify the right MBA programs via its novel tiered ranking system, how to examine your key attributes and profile, how to optimize your applications with its personal inventory exercise, and how to prove to the admissions committee that you are ready for its top-tier business school.

“A fantastic holistic approach to the MBA application process that I wish I had access to before I applied. The book explains the overall structure and timeline of the process but also gets into little details that make an application stand out to an admissions committee.” MBA candidate, CBS ‘18

6 reviews for Becoming a Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions

  1. Daniel Wong

    An awesome summary of the MBA process. This book will help prospective applicants immensely by narrowing down their schools, focusing on their story, and creating a path to get into the school that will continue their already successful career.

  2. Mo G. (verified owner)

    Alex’s book is very insightful and provides a terrific summary of how to get where you want to be. The book removes mystery out of the MBA process and provides a good playbook for candidates who are interested in business school. Regardless of which point you are at in the process, I would recommend giving it a read. Thanks, Alex!

  3. Francisco D (verified owner)

    Alex compiles a lot of the questions prospective MBA applicants have into one easy to read place. Beyond that, he touches on a lot of topics that an applicant will need to go through in making a decision to apply for a particular school that a prospective applicant may not immediately think of.

    Whether it’s to get started in the MBA process or to figure out how to execute your applications, Alex’s book is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get an MBA

  4. Mike M.

    This is the best resource I’ve seen to guide you through the MBA application process. As someone without a large network of MBA alumni, this provided me a wealth of information on how adcoms work, expectations of applications, and how to frame my thinking.

    Overall, unless you plan to move in with an adcoms office, this is your best bet on getting inside the mind of one.

  5. EK. Halverson (verified owner)

    This book serves as an exceptional literary resource for the MBA applicant. It provides an exceptional, exhaustive , and most strategic plan for the MBA applicant. More importantly, this book should be available in every university library. Lastly, Alex Brown demonstrates excellence and rigor through his literary voice.

  6. Kate Nguyen

    It really useful!Thanks to author alot!!!

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