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CMU Tepper MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Director of Admissions / Zoom

I interviewed at the end of January with JR McGrath. It was very conversational and took about 30 minutes. This was a partially blind interview; he only had a copy of my resume, but no information from my application. JR was extremely easy to talk to, he introduced himself and was very responsive throughout the interview. Questions were very similar to prior reports, no curveballs thrown.

Tell me about yourself.
Why MBA? (I also answered “Why now?” and “MBA goals” even though he didn’t ask specifically.)
What companies are you aiming for?
TMAT you used one of your strengths to help out another person or your team.
TMAT you identified a challenge or opportunity, and what did you do with that information?
TMAT you got to know someone different from yourself, and what was challenging or rewarding about that experience?
Questions for him.

I felt very confident after the interview, thought it went well. Ended up getting an offer of admission, so guess they thought so, too. Good luck!

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Schools: Carnegie Mellon / Tepper

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